Bug Fever Puerto Vallarta 2011

Bug Fever Puerto Vallarta 2011Bug Fever Puerto Vallarta 2011This past weekend on November 19th & 20th  the sixth annual event VOCHERO VALLARTAZO was held, it takes place each year in Puerto Vallarta; this national event brings together car lovers members of the National Association Volkswagen Club of Mexico Vocheros A.C. with the purpose of displaying them and competing in three categories:

  • 100% Original Car
  • Modified
  • Customized

Bug Fever Puerto Vallarta 2011

It is noteworthy to understand that the whole concept is about old cars from the 50`s until the last edition where the judges of the association itself qualify all types, car by car. The highest scores are awarded a recognition and a trophy created by the same members of the club in recognition of their efforts and passion for Volkswagen line car owners.

This annual event took place at the port facilities organized by Vallarta Volkswagen Club, Where amateurs and general public enjoyed live music, drinks, food, car exhibits, gadget sales and other family activities and entertainment.

Bug Fever Puerto Vallarta 2011

Open House – Casa Lala

Open House Casa Lala

A warm welcome was offered by architect Salvador Eduardo Pérez González mostly known as architect Cachi Perez on Saturday, October 29th  during an Open House for “Casa Lala“, Palmera Vacations could not be absent in this private event offered mainly to family members and friends since it was also his birthday celebration.

Open House Casa Lala

From early evening the flow began as guests started to arrive and at 5:00 pm mass was conducted in the garden with the purpose of blessing both the property and future guests; the good taste and open spaces came to life as the tour progressed inside the house, during the remodeling stage the details were paramount to the architect, such as the openness, the connection with the exterior, the balconies, the infinity pool, especially the creation of the gardens and its very own private beach. As an end result, a perfect view of the bay and its breath taking sunsets.

All of us present were able to enjoy a wide variety of appetizers, wine, drinks and a very entertaining chic lounge music. No doubt “Casa Lala” is the perfect villa to relax with your partner, family or friends while enjoying nature. By being a place apart from the hustle and bustle of the city happens to be the perfect escape to privacy and above all the tranquility, here you simply will be living in harmony with nature!

Open House Casa Lala

XVII International Gourmet Festival

XVII Festival Gourmet InternationalXVII Festival Gourmet International The International Gourmet Festival Puerto Vallarta and Riviera had its beginnings in 1995 and to date has had around 200 guest chefs, many of them of international stature, such as Gerard DuPont, president of the “Culinary Academy of France” who attends every year and Patricia Quintana one of our most renowned Mexican chefs.

XVII Festival Gourmet International The Gourmet Festival celebrates the accomplishments of not only the invited guest chefs, but the local chefs who share their gourmet talents with Puerto Vallarta’s guests all year long. And they have adapted new recipes and creations to maintain the culinary culture to its highest level.

The international chefs present their creations and delights in every partnered hotel and restaurant. Enjoy a tasting menu or a la carte gourmet dinner in an exceptional setting, each with its own festival shines on their menus offering a truly unique opportunity to taste the cuisine and admire the art of fine dining.

You are still in time to attend this event that will last until November 20th., for more information please visit their official website.

XVII Festival Gourmet International

56th. International Fishing Tournament Puerto Vallarta

56th International Fishing Tournament Puerto Vallarta

The International Marlin & Sailfish Fishing Tournament has arrived once again to Puerto Vallarta this time celebrating its 56th edition. This renowned fishing tournament is organized by Mr. Andres Famania Ortega, Bandera’s Bay Fishing Club President taking place November 9, 10, 11, and 12 in which you can participate in 4 categories: Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Tuna fish; in the case of Sailfish and Marlin the teams will be able to participate in the catch and release form stating the team champion with the highest number of catches.

With prizes adding up to  2 million pesos; there are 7 cars, professional fishing equipment  and cash prizes! Each team is integrated by a maximum of 4 fishermen and with the sole purpose to protect the species only the following species will be qualified:

  • Marlin with a weight over 220 Lb. – Record 710.54 Lb.
  • Sailfish with a weight over 66 Lb. – Record 155.64 Lb.
  • Tuna fish with a weight over 66 Lb. – Record 388.01 Lb.
  • Mahi Mahi with a weight over 22 Lb.
56th. International Fishing Tournament Puerto Vallarta 56th. International Fishing Tournament Puerto Vallarta 56th. International Fishing Tournament Puerto Vallarta 56th. International Fishing Tournament Puerto Vallarta

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The opening ceremony took place Thursday, November 10 at pier number 3 at the Integral fishing administration (API) and the award ceremony will be held at the Hotel Krystal, Jalisco hall on Saturday, November 12 at 8:30 pm.

This tradition began in 1956 at the Puerto Vallarta Fishing Club becoming more popular year after year. The activities start early in the morning and the goal is to find the best fish samples.