Taxi Safe Puerto Vallarta

  • Always take a secure taxi at night.
    Ask your venue to call a taxi for you and record your taxi #.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary valuables at night.
    Bring only your ID, and the cash or card you might need.
  • Obey local laws.
    Don’t drink, carry drugs, urinate, or be disorderly on the streets. No sleeping on the beach.
  • Report crimes promptly with details.
    You may report anonymously, but please file a report.
  • Report problems with taxis or police.
    Whitout a report nothing can be done.
To file a report go to:
Forms and instructions in English are available. It will only take a few minutes and you need to give your name.

“Xiutla” Folk Ballet

One of the most representative ways to exhibit our culture, its customs and traditions of our country is through folk dance, each state has its own distinctive identity that differentiates each region of Mexico.

Here in Puerto Vallarta folk ballet “Xiutla” takes this purpose to its maximum expression, with more than 17 years performing, 1,500 representations, national and international tours.

It’s a truly delightful artistic experience to see these young artist unfold on stage, its founder and director Professor Carlos Enrique Barrios y Limon continues with performances each Friday at 7:30 from now until April 27th, 2012 at the Lazaro Cardenas Park in the Romantic Zone, where they have had unprecedented success with locals and tourists.

It is worth mentioning that the clothing used is made and assembled in each region of origin, therefore they are highly handcrafted items.