Mexican Lottery: a traditional game that remains popular

Lotería Mexicana

The lottery is a very popular game of the Mexican people, its mechanics is based on chance, is a game that originated from the lottery of Italy in the Middle Ages called Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia “The Lottery Game of Italy”, after been propagated through France, Germany and Spain arrived in Mexico by the year 1770.

Jugando Lotería MexicanaExcept for the other lotteries, in the Mexican lottery game numbers are not used but symbols or characters which embody aspects of the Mexican culture and traditions. This game consists of a deck of 54 cards with numbered figures and a package of playing cards where there are 16 reduced copies of the same figures on each card.

Today there are many versions but Clemente Jacques was who in the mid nineteenth century issued a lottery game that retains the most traditional of the 54 images from the deck of the Lottery.

Despite the rapid technological development in the electronic games that increasingly replace traditional games, the lottery has survived as a hobby in the atmosphere of the fairs, festivals and family reunions to be one of the most beautiful iconographic traditions that still survive in Mexico.

Lotería Mexicana

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