Walk on Puerto Vallarta’s Boardwalk / Paseo en el Malecón de Puerto Vallarta

If you are a visitor to our tourist destination, you cannot leave without an afternoon walk on the boardwalk located in the center of our city. Usually, the recommendation is to start at Hotel Rosita and finish at the renovated Olas Altas pier, a couple of blocks after Lazaro Cardenas Park.

Along the route, measuring about a kilometer and a half, you will find artwork; artists, typical food, bars, clubs, people exercising, among other activities. It is important to highlight the presence of sculptures such as the Caballito de Mar, carved by the artist Rafael Zamarripa, placed in 1976 and has become an iconic symbol of Puerto Vallarta. Or La Fuente de la Amistad (Friendship Fountain) that was donated by the city of Santa Barbara, California, which is a replica of the one found in that city.

The walk crosses or connects with other traditional and unmissable areas of our city like Our Lady of Guadalupe church, the Cuale River and Los Muertos beach. A curious fact is that in the early thirties, the boardwalk was known as Paseo de la Revolucion (Revolution Walk), years later as Paseo Diaz Ordaz, however now the official reference is el Malecón specially because cars and buses no longer circulate through it.

Feel like a real Vallartan and calmly walk the Malecón… You will enjoy it!

Si eres visitante de nuestro destino turístico, no puedes irte sin tomarte una tarde para recorrer el malecón en el centro de nuestra ciudad. Lo más recomendable es comenzar el paseo en el Hotel Rosita hasta terminar en el renovado muelle de Olas Altas, un par de cuadras más adelante del parque Lázaro Cárdenas.

A lo largo del recorrido, que mide alrededor de kilómetro y medio, encontrarás obras de arte; artistas, comida típica, bares, discotecas, personas haciendo ejercicio, entre otras cosas. Es importante destacar la presencia de esculturas como el Caballito de Mar, tallado por el artista Rafael Zamarripa, que fue colocado en 1976 y se ha convertido en un símbolo emblemático de Puerto Vallarta. O la Fuente de la Amistad que fue donada por la ciudad de Santa Bárbara, California, y que es una réplica de la que se encuentra en dicha ciudad.

El paseo cruza o conecta con otras áreas tradicionales e imperdibles de nuestra ciudad como la iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, el Río Cuale y la playa de Los Muertos. Como dato curioso, en la década de los treintas, al malecón se le conocía como Paseo de la Revolución, años después se le ubicó como Paseo Díaz Ordaz, sin embargo ahora la referencia oficial es el Malecón, sobre todo debido a que ya no circulan automóviles y autobuses por ese camino.

Siéntete un auténtico Vallartense y recorre el Malecón con calma… ¡Lo disfrutarás!

Happy New Year Puerto Vallarta 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Watch, fireworks and champagne

The time has come to say goodbye to 2011, the countdown begins and Puerto Vallarta is preparing for New Year’s Eve party. The city’s boardwalk is the meeting place where music, good wishes and the atmosphere of brotherhood are the special guests

The end of year accounts for most of the people as a farewell, while longing for a better year, longing for the lost and missing and thanking for what was lived and accomplished.

Hats, whistles, streamers, confetti, the highly anticipated fireworks and much noise accompany this party, of course you cannot miss the toast and for many people the famous 12 grapes; symbol of fertility, life and prosperity which are consumed simultaneously with the clock before it strikes midnight accompanied with good wishes for the coming year. At midnight each hotel and locations near the beach are filled with lights and joy reaching its climax.

People celebrating the new year

For many it is time for reunions, for others it’s the time for reflection but in the end, the new year is always a time to celebrate the beginning of hope which never ends, because it is always a new beginning.