Estero de el Salado

Estero de el Salado

Estero de el SaladoThe estuary of Puerto Vallarta is an ecosystem that is connected to the sea, influenced by the steady inflow of saltwater and freshwater input from the upper basin, there are three species of mangrove found there and a variety of fauna, among which the herons, bats, crabs, fish, mollusks, raccoons and alligators.

On July 27th 2000, the estuary “El Salado” was enacted by Congress in the state of Jalisco, a Natural Protected Area (NPA) under the category of ecological conservation area.

Estero de el SaladoAmong the many activities undertaken to protect and conserve this habitat are:

  • Maintaining and monitoring facilities.
  • Management of habitat and reforestation.
  • Population ecology of key species.
  • Study population of mammals.
  • Monitoring of indicators.
  • Education and environmental awareness.
  • Institutional cooperation.

Come and meet the biodiversity of this unique and important protected ecosystem immersed in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, navigate the slopes of the Ameca river to see and photograph wildlife in its natural state.

Estero de el Salado Estero de el Salado Estero de el Salado Estero de el Salado
For more information please contact Estero de el Salado
Tel: +52 (322) 226-2870 or +52 (322) 226+2879

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens VisitorsThe Botanical Gardens are located high in the tropical forest of the Sierra Madre Occidental, about twelve miles south of Puerto Vallarta and covering eight acres of land, a place dedicated to the conservation of flora and fauna; a project by Betty and Bob Price that became a reality when it opened its doors on November 15, 2005.

Since then, the botanical gardens have grown to become one of the main attractions in the Bay of Banderas. One can observe more than 3,000 different plant species as you stroll through the quiet lanes of the place.

Pool of Aquatic FlowersThe Botanical Gardens are divided into different areas according to the types of plants. Thus we have for example, Blue Agave Hills (these plants produce tequila), Palm Gardens, the Orchid House, Mexican Wildflower, Rose Garden, a Pool of Aquatic Plant, River Walk, where one can dip into natural river pools of the Horcones river. If you are a bird lover, do not forget your binoculars because the gardens are the perfect place to observe many species of tropical birds.

The Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful and largest in Mexico, entry is fee is only $60 pesos and is ideal to visit after the rainy months when rain further enhances its beauty.

Botanical Gardens FlowersBotanical Gardens FlowersBotanical Gardens Flowers
Botanical Gardens FlowersBotanical Gardens FlowersBotanical Gardens Flowers

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens are open 7 days a week from December 1 through March 31. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am – 6pm, (closed August and September). For more information please visit or call Tel: +52 (322) 223-6182.

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