Mexico’s Independence Day – September 16th.

16th of September - Independence Day

Traditionally September has been consider the month of patriotism, during this month many important events took place related to the battles for freedom and sovereignty in Mexico, Independence day being the most important one which took place on September 16.

The objective of said celebration is to remember the day that the liberal movement began and to recognize its initiators.

Grito de Independencia

Mexican families enjoy the celebrations starting on the evening of September 15th since at 11:00 pm the famous “Cry of Independence” is given in all of the Mexican town squares just like father Miguel Hidalgo did in 1810 for freedom from Spain and it’s considered the chronological starting point of the war for independence.

The series of events are broadcasted on television every year from the well known capital’s main square in Mexico City when the clock hits 11:00 pm that’s when the bells ring at will, within the National Palace the president of the Mexican Republic holding the flag in his hands comes out and yells in front of the huge crowd of people ¡¡VIVA MEXICO!! followed by the National Mexican anthem.

Chile en Nogada During this traditional Mexican celebration you can enjoy the Mariachi, national folkloric music and a great variety of exquisite Mexican cuisine in which we can highlight the pozole and the chiles en nogada, this last one being a typical dish from Puebla whose origin goes back to the consumption of the Independence in 1821 which was elaborated by the Agustinas Nuns where you can appreciate the 3 color of our flag:  green represented by  the chile poblano, white by the tender castilla nut sauce and red by the pomegranate.

Desfile de Independencia September 16th is the maximum patriotic festivity of the homeland therefore it is considered a national holiday, the majority of the Mexican nationals have a day off, along all the cities and towns celebrations are organized, in civic areas pledge of allegiance to the Mexican flag is performed, parades are organized in the main streets in which kids from different schools march, some representing the events that occurred in 1810, at Mexico City the parade is integrated by the Mexican armed forces.

This is the perfect moment to enjoy and learn the essence of the Mexican people, it’s gastronomy, music, history and to experience the wonderful culture of this welcoming country.

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