Mexican Handcrafts

Mexican Handcrafts

The handcrafts of the region are leather sandals, iron gates, windows and ironwork chandeliers, bone rings are made of coconut shells encrusted with gold, silver and pearl shell, hammocks and dresses embroidered with Mexican motifs, they have the influence of Hawaiian muumuu and African caftan.

Equipal Dresses embroidered with Mexican motifs Wooden deer figure covered with beads Talavera Pot

There are also handicrafts of the Huichols, one of the most important indigenous groups in Mexico and that inhabit only in the state of Jalisco and Nayarit, their craft is well known worldwide, and some of their highlights are the yarn paintings also called “Nierikas”, jewelry, masks and wooden figures adorned with beads.

In Puerto Vallarta as a tourist destination there are crafts from practically all regions of the country from mud, obsidian and onyx figures, rustic furniture and colonial style, blown glass figures and all kinds of wood and paper mache figures.

Yarn paintings "Nierikas" Talavera (clay handcrafts) Catrinas (death characters) Huichol art

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Estero de el Salado

Estero de el Salado

Estero de el SaladoThe estuary of Puerto Vallarta is an ecosystem that is connected to the sea, influenced by the steady inflow of saltwater and freshwater input from the upper basin, there are three species of mangrove found there and a variety of fauna, among which the herons, bats, crabs, fish, mollusks, raccoons and alligators.

On July 27th 2000, the estuary “El Salado” was enacted by Congress in the state of Jalisco, a Natural Protected Area (NPA) under the category of ecological conservation area.

Estero de el SaladoAmong the many activities undertaken to protect and conserve this habitat are:

  • Maintaining and monitoring facilities.
  • Management of habitat and reforestation.
  • Population ecology of key species.
  • Study population of mammals.
  • Monitoring of indicators.
  • Education and environmental awareness.
  • Institutional cooperation.

Come and meet the biodiversity of this unique and important protected ecosystem immersed in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, navigate the slopes of the Ameca river to see and photograph wildlife in its natural state.

Estero de el Salado Estero de el Salado Estero de el Salado Estero de el Salado
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