Los Voladores de Papantla

The history of ceremonial flight of the “Voladores” is shrouded in the mists of antiquity. Information about the original ritual was partially lost when the invading conquerors from Spain destroyed many documents and codices of the indigenous cultures. Fortunately, enough survived through oral history and materials written by early visitors to New Spain, thanks to that anthropologists and historians have documented at least part of the history of this ancient religious practice and how it has developed with time.

Voladores de PapantlaIf you witness the ceremony will see “El Caporal” rises in the heights on a 30 meters pole to face the four cardinal directions, tilts and opens his arms, keeping the balance on one foot, and performs and energetic dance while playing the flute and drum, while his four companions descent head down restrained by a rope tied around their waist.

The “Voladores” are a source of great pride for the Totonac people as they are a living testimony of their ancestors who founded Papantla in 1200, this is a tradition that takes place in Mexico but has spread throughout the world. The “Voladores” have been filed in the United States, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and Moscow. And now you can see them permanently on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.