Art Walk Season 2012 – 2013

Art Walk Season 2012 – 2013

Puerto Vallarta is a true artistic Icon; it has become a very important center of creation, exhibition and art promotion by having more galleries than any other beach destination where you can find contemporary and modern expositions of the most renowned Mexican and foreign artist; abstract paintings and a wide selection of more traditional styles such as engravings, watercolors and oils. You can also find other collection items such as hand manufactured jewelry and crystals, original sculptures and fine Mexican crafts. Even the sculptures that line the boardwalk.

Mata OrtizRaymundo AndradeRotonda del MarSergio Bustamante

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Due to all this growth, the Art Walk was created; this is not a guided circuit, the idea is to motivate the interested audience, collectors and visitors to take the opportunity to walk through the participating gallery facilities during the evening so they can appreciate the great variety and quality of their catalog.

The Art Walk started October 31st. 2012 and ends on April 24th. 2013, taking place every Wednesday from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. These are the participant galleries for this season:

  1. Galería Colectika
  2.  Galería Whitlow
  3. Galería Corsica I
  4.  Galería Corsica II
  5. Art Gallery Millan
  6. Galería Pacífico
  7. Galería Caballito de Mar
  8. Galería Uno
  9. The Loft Galería
  10. Galería de Ollas
  11. PV Santana Galería
  12. Galería Ana Romo Art
  13. Galería Rodo Padilla

Art Walk Season 2012 – 2013

This year there are more galleries participating and since all are in the Historic Center, the distance from one to another is fairly a short walk, makes it fun and a great way to get to know the exhibiting artists. Come and enjoy, in the majority of the cases a courtesy glass of wine.

This is a real opportunity to have a wonderful Art Walk experience throughout Downtown Puerto Vallarta in which all of these galleries undoubtedly will receive you with a warm welcome.

If you’re lucky to be here, please do not miss it.

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