Mexican “Antojitos” (little cravings) in the Gourmet Kitchen

Mexican “Antojitos” (little cravings) in the Gourmet Kitchen

“Antojitos” (Literal translation is Little Cravings) are not only delicious Mexican dishes such as tacos and quesadillas, they are also a big part of the Mexican history as a nation. Being that ingredients such as corn have always played a role in the dietary essentials of a Mexican.

These types of foods are characterized mainly by being much elaborated, you normally find them in squares, or on street corner stands and are consumed in a very informal way, often time standing. Mexico is known for its variety of street vendor foods, many tourists simply avoid street stands, but it is often revered as some of the best food Mexico has to offer.

Street vendor foods have had a major impact on Mexican kitchens: High End and Gourmet restaurants often serve dishes inspired by their street vendor predecessors, chefs from all over the world travel to Mexico to investigate the local street cuisine, and find inspiration for their own dishes.

Traditional Mexican cuisine has been recognized by the (UNESCO) as a cultural model that understands agrarian practices, rituals, has a basic understanding of ancient culinary techniques, and displays communitarian inspired behavior and customs. Dubbing it: A Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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