Christmas Shopping on the Beach

by Judith St. Gaudens

Christmas Shopping on the BeachDo you think it’s too early to start Christmas shopping? I don’t. I enjoy shopping with the beach vendors. I park myself at a restaurant/bar and let the merchandise come to me. Perhaps I’ll eat a taco or two; I’ll consume a few beers or maybe a Margarita. If you sit there, they will come.

Summer is a good time of year to get a few bargains. Business is slow. I don’t like to dicker too much because I understand the tough times, but a little dickering is expected. Earrings, necklaces, rosaries, t-shirts, sport shirts, loose fitting pants, dresses, sarong-type scarves, hand-crafted items and silver jewelry are among the diverse and varied offerings. Oh, and let’s not forget the fun little toys in the shape of fish, crabs, birds and other animals. They are magnetic, colorful and the moving parts boggle around. And so inexpensive. I don’t recommend purchasing Cuban cigars from the beach vendors. Better prices can be obtained at the cigar factories and outlets.

Children playing on the beachBetween purchases, it’s fun to watch the children playing in and near the water. Boogie boards abound. Oh. Have I mentioned the banana boats? I swear I don’t know how folks stay on them, the way they bounce over the tow-boat’s wake. I think I’d spend most of my time in the water, thereby spoiling it for the other banana-boaters. So, I’ll just stay on the beach and shop while the youngsters have their fun.

After a hard day of shopping, a relaxing massage can be had very reasonably right where you sit. The masseuses stroll the beach looking for customers. I’ve been the recipient of foot and leg massages to die for. And, I deserve it. I’ve spent the day shopping!

By the way, about the only service missing on the beach is gift wrapping. Well, maybe one day.