Puerto Vallarta Icons – Caballito de Mar (Sea Horse)

This bronze sculpture of almost 3 meters high of a seahorse with a child riding it is the most recognized symbol of Puerto Vallarta; from the talented Rafael Zamarripa was installed in the year of 1966 on “Los Muertos” beach but because to the relentless force of the waves and bad weather led to eventually capsized and disappeared in the ocean. In 1976 there was a replica, becoming the first sculpture on the “Malecon” of town.

Some years after its twin was installed, the original mysteriously appeared and then lost again with the arrival of Hurricane Kenna and later to be rediscovered and reinstalled one more time.

Nowadays both sculptures are currently starring in many of the photographs of the spectacular sunsets over the bay. Some say that the god Poseidon takes everything that belongs to him to never return, however this time it seems that the horse and the child are so in love of the place that welcomed them; escaping each time Poseidon steals them to go back to the place where they feel loved.