Guadalupe Church, City’s Symbol / Iglesia de Guadalupe, Estandarte de la Ciudad

The parish of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is an icon of Puerto Vallarta, symbol and landmark whose image has been printed on postcards, t-shirts, logos, t.v. commercials, among other things. If you visit our city, to know this church, spiritual center for the catholics of Vallarta, must be in your list of essential activities.

The history of this important building, neoclassical style with Renaissance touches in its towers, is linked to the growth of our tourist destination, in population and relevance at an international level. Its construction was authorized in the year 1902 and the works began in 1903. Later, in 1915, the priest Francisco Ayala suggested that a larger temple should be constructed instead of the one that had been designed. The official opening date of the church, although was not completely finished, is October 12th, 1921, which is celebrated every year with a mass.

In 1926 the construction of the church was interrupted by an armed conflict between the state and the church that was know as the Cristera War. The conflict ended in 1929. The construction continued the following year. The first crown that had the main tower of the church was placed in 1965. And the total construction of the temple was finished in 1987. The original design of the church was a tribute to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico city.

The original crown of the temple was damaged and eroded over time and, in 1995, was totally destroyed due to a 6 richter scale magnitude earthquake that was felt in our city. The crown was replaced in 2009 for another, made by famous Jalisco´s sculptor Carlos Terres.

Today, in front of the church is Plaza de Armas (the main square of the city) and the building that houses the main offices of Puerto Vallarta’s City Hall, including the office where our mayor works. In its surroundings you will find restaurants and stands with all kinds of food, sweets and souvenirs.

La parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe es un ícono de Puerto Vallarta, símbolo y punto de referencia cuya imagen se ha impreso en postales, playeras, logotipos, comerciales para televisión, entre otras cosas. Si visitas nuestra ciudad, conocer esta iglesia, centro espiritual para los católicos de Vallarta, debe estar en tu lista de actividades indispensables.

La historia de esta importante edificación, de estilo neoclásico con toques renacentistas en sus torres, está ligada al crecimiento de nuestro destino turístico, en tamaño y relevancia a nivel internacional. Su construcción fue autorizada en el año 1902 y los trabajos iniciaron en 1903. Posteriormente, en 1915, el sacerdote Francisco Ayala sugirió que se construyera un templo de mayor tamaño al que se había diseñado. La fecha oficial de apertura de la iglesia, aunque no estaba totalmente terminada, es el 12 de Octubre de 1921, fecha que es celebrada cada año con una misa.

En 1926 se interrumpió la construcción de la iglesia por un conflicto armado entre el estado y la iglesia que fue conocido como la Guerra Cristera. El conflicto terminó en 1929. Al año siguiente se reinició la construcción. La primer corona que tuvo la torre principal de la iglesia fue colocada en 1965. Y en 1987 se finaliza la construcción total del templo. El diseño original de la iglesia era un tributo a la Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de la Ciudad de México.

La corona original del templo se dañó y erosionó con el paso del tiempo y, en 1995, se destruyó totalmente debido a un terremoto de 6 grados richter que se sintió en nuestra ciudad. La corona fue reemplazada en el año 2009 por otra hecha a manos del famoso escultor jalisciense Carlos Terres.

El día de hoy, frente de la iglesia está la Plaza de Armas y el edificio que alberga las oficinas principales del Ayuntamiento de Puerto Vallarta, incluida la oficina donde labora nuestro presidente municipal. A sus alrededores encontrarás restaurantes y puestos con todo tipo de comida, dulces y recuerdos.

Puerto Vallarta Icons – Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Lady of Guadalupe Church

The construction of the Temple of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located across from the town square “Plaza de Armas” and the city hall, started in 1918. Its facade is made of brick and its central tower was built of four sections in the early 50’s and in 1965 was topped with a crown of concrete supported by eight angels of the same material, this tower has become the worldwide symbol that identifies the charm of Puerto Vallarta. Not far from the sea and at the foot of the mountain that shelters the bay, its poise stands out from the red roof tops, cobblestone streets and colorful patches of bougainvilleas, palm trees and golden bowls.

Lady of Guadalupe Church 1995 Lady of Guadalupe Church Crown Empress Carlota

The original crown fell during the October 9, 1995 earthquake, so current is made of fiberglass and is said to be a replica of the crown used by the Empress Carlota wife of Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg in 1860, who led the second and last monarchy in Mexico.

Lady of Guadalupe ChurchThe interior keeps beautiful works of art made ​​up of a marble altar with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, painted by artist Ignacio Ramirez, the Stations of the Cross, a communion rail, pulpit and confessionals carved wood. The paintings that decorate the dome of the temple were made ​​by the artist Daniel Lechón.

The church held on October 12, 2011 its 90 years and since then and by tradition and devotion on December 12, attending the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe thousands of pilgrims to celebrate the Virgin of Tepeyac (Virgin of Guadalupe), a festival attended by locals and visitors.


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