Happy New Year Puerto Vallarta 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Watch, fireworks and champagne

The time has come to say goodbye to 2011, the countdown begins and Puerto Vallarta is preparing for New Year’s Eve party. The city’s boardwalk is the meeting place where music, good wishes and the atmosphere of brotherhood are the special guests

The end of year accounts for most of the people as a farewell, while longing for a better year, longing for the lost and missing and thanking for what was lived and accomplished.

Hats, whistles, streamers, confetti, the highly anticipated fireworks and much noise accompany this party, of course you cannot miss the toast and for many people the famous 12 grapes; symbol of fertility, life and prosperity which are consumed simultaneously with the clock before it strikes midnight accompanied with good wishes for the coming year. At midnight each hotel and locations near the beach are filled with lights and joy reaching its climax.

People celebrating the new year

For many it is time for reunions, for others it’s the time for reflection but in the end, the new year is always a time to celebrate the beginning of hope which never ends, because it is always a new beginning.