XVII International Gourmet Festival

XVII Festival Gourmet InternationalXVII Festival Gourmet International The International Gourmet Festival Puerto Vallarta and Riviera had its beginnings in 1995 and to date has had around 200 guest chefs, many of them of international stature, such as Gerard DuPont, president of the “Culinary Academy of France” who attends every year and Patricia Quintana one of our most renowned Mexican chefs.

XVII Festival Gourmet International The Gourmet Festival celebrates the accomplishments of not only the invited guest chefs, but the local chefs who share their gourmet talents with Puerto Vallarta’s guests all year long. And they have adapted new recipes and creations to maintain the culinary culture to its highest level.

The international chefs present their creations and delights in every partnered hotel and restaurant. Enjoy a tasting menu or a la carte gourmet dinner in an exceptional setting, each with its own festival shines on their menus offering a truly unique opportunity to taste the cuisine and admire the art of fine dining.

You are still in time to attend this event that will last until November 20th., for more information please visit their official website.

XVII Festival Gourmet International