Rainy Season in Puerto Vallarta

Rainy Season Puerto Vallarta

Rainy Season Puerto VallartaPeople often refer to the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta as the “Down Season”, or bad weather season, the reality of the matter is that the rainy season is very important for both Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas. Our subtropical weather is often compared to that of the Islands of Hawaii, which incidentally are located on the same latitude as Puerto Vallarta.

Rainy Season Puerto VallartaThe rainy season begins in the first days of July, and come to an end midway through October. The temperatures during this season range from 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit, with high humidity, fortunately the rain cools things down moderately. Besides from cooling the city down, thunderstorms provide us with a spectacle of lights and sounds, as well as unbelievable sunsets when cloudy, with a multitude of brilliant colors ranging from; rosy pink, violet, and all tones of orange, red and yellow. It goes without saying, that the rainy season is an incredible time for natural photo ops.

With torrential rains coming down on the surrounding areas, the rivers come to life and bring down with them vital nutrients which empty into the ocean, and nourish the local sea wildlife.

Rainy Season Puerto VallartaIf you are taking a stroll through the Malecon and are surprised with a sudden downpour, there is nothing to worry about; the Malecon has plenty of options for activities even when raining. Activities can enjoy in the day range from: Shopping, eating lunch or dinner in one of your favorite restaurants, or having drinks at a local bar to enjoy the gorgeous view of the bay in the rain. Don’t panic! Downpours don’t tend to last longer than an hour or two; it will stop as quickly as it started so you can continue with your plans.

The surrounding mountain ranges and local agriculture are hugely benefited by the rainy season. An immediate change can be noticed after the first few rains, the Sierra Madre goes from a dry light brown, to a vivid lush green in a matter of days! We locals see the rainy season as a cleansing period, and after a few days of rain, Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas take on a different brighter glow.

@ top photo by Javier Moreno – javierphoto.com


A Short Morning Stroll

by Judith St. Gaudens

A Short Morning StrollMorning has broken in Puerto Vallarta. Earlier, you were awakened by a very loud thunderstorm. The beginning of your first day in the tropics seems marred by the now gently falling rain. You’ve come to work on your tan, for heaven’s sake.

Well, mi amigo, rain, heat, humidity, beautiful sunsets…this is summer in Puerto Vallarta. Rainy weather in paradise cannot be considered grim. The rain cools the air (for awhile) and cleanses our beautiful jungle. So, put on your walking shorts over your bathing attire, grab your sunscreen and get thee to the out-of-doors.

A Short Morning StrollYou’ll notice that the streets are a-bustle with small business owners opening their shops for business. Restaurants are putting out their sidewalk tables and chairs for those who wish to dine al fresco. Sidewalks are swept; displays of colorful wares are put out to tempt you. But, first,…coffee or a latte and perhaps a delicious piece of pastry are in order.

Let’s head to the new Page in the Sun located on Lazaro Cardenas just north of the Cardenas  Park and Garage. Look for the blue awnings. While waiting for your order, search the stacks of used books for the perfect beach read for later. The rain won’t last forever. The sun will come out…this afternoon!