Puerto Vallarta Weddings

Changing the polished marble floors of churches for white sandy beaches is a trend that is on the rise in México, and Puerto Vallarta possesses all the elements necessary to transform this grand event into a magical moment filled with natural beauty and splendor.

Puerto Vallarta is fully equipped to handle even the most demanding wedding events, some of the reasons being:

One can find exquisite beaches and truly unique venues, whether you prefer the comfort of a dance hall, or maybe something a little more out in the open, or simply at the foot of the ocean, rest assured the event will be a spectacular one.

It’s rich culinary background, in fact Mexico is home to the best restaurants on the Pacific Coast. Also we are headquarters to the Gourmet Dining Festival, with international praise. It is because of this you will find excellent banquet services with high standards and excellent quality, in both Mexican and International Cuisine.

Wherever you might stay, you will immediately notice a very friendly and attentive service, one that is distinguished among the Mexican people. In 2003 Puerto Vallarta was honored by being voted the friendliest city in the world by the Condé Nast magazine.

Beach weddings transform a normal ceremony into unforgettable moments, whenever the bride and groom hear the sound of crashing waves, feel sand between their toes, or smell the ocean breeze, their mind will immediately take them back in time to the day they wed next to the ocean.